Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

To register, simply connect to the site and complete the registration form.

I’m an Influencer, with which social can I register?

You can register by Youtube or Instagram. Remember to use the same email address used in your Google account or Instagram account. You will be able to register only to one of those, two registrations will be necessary for both accounts with different emails

During registration, my channel address is requested. How can I recover it?

To retrieve the address of your channel, just connect to Youtube or Instagram via browser. Once you have logged into your channel, simply copy the html link and paste it to the registration form.

Why does the message “e-mail address not valid” appear during registration confirmation?

Make sure the e-mail address you provided for registration is the same as the one associated with your Gmail / Instagram account.

Why i can’t view the platform with Microsoft Edge?

The technologies used for the development of the platform are incompatible with Microsoft’s browsers.

Why isn’t mobile browsing responsive?

The platform was developed to be used exclusively through web browsers. A mobile app will be available by end of 2019!

Why does a message appear when I try to register from mobile, telling me that the “e-mail address is already in use”?

Make sure there are no applications installed on your smartphone or tablet that use your Instagram account. Otherwise, we recommend registering through a web browser.

I have registered, I have to wait for a confirmation e-mail?

Once you have registered, you will receive an e-mail from Google or Instagram, informing you that the e-mail address was used to register on the AQER platform.

I can’t remember the login details, how can I recover them?

To recover the access data you must reset the password.

How can cancel my account?

To cancel your account, contact support at the e-mail address